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Introducing Breeze 2.0:  the first member of the next generation of our award-winning reverb family. We believe it is one of our best sounding efforts to date!  It's twice as light, twice as pristine, simpler, prettier, and vastly more powerful. It's simply better.

Breeze 2.0 will be officially launching in January, but we are including it as a Pre-Release Beta in our Holiday Promo. If you own any of our reverb products you are definitely going to want to add this to your arsenal eventually, and we are offering a no-brainer cross-grade offer during the Winter Holiday Promo if you would like to give it a try.

CROSSGRADE AVAILABLE: If you have purchased 2CAudio Breeze 1.0, Aether, or B2 you can save an additional $25 off this order by applying this voucher code at checkout:


During the Winter Holiday Promo the Breeze 2.0, Perfect Storm 3.0, and Everything Packs include both Breeze 1.0 and 2.0 so that you may use both if necessary during the Pre-Release period while we receive feedback and additional compatibility reports from initial users. Both versions can be installed concurrently and even used together in the same session. Breeze 2.0 will not automatically replace 1.0 instances in your existing sessions; therefore if you demand rock solid stability for projects during the holiday period but would also like to explore Breeze 2.0 at your leisure, you can have the best of both worlds!

We expect to be fully complete with the Pre-Release stage by the NAMM timeframe around the third week of January 2018. We are also completing the Simply Better Expansion for this timeframe, which is preemptively included in the Breeze 2.0 Pack. You may simply order in January of course if you prefer, but it's now the Holiday Season, our mothers told us not to horde our toys, and some people like to sample holiday cookies while they are still warm from the oven. Therefore in the spirit of sharing, we are opening this up to anyone who would like to get a head start on exploring our latest effort today.

Approximate Download Size15 MB
Latest Version2.0.0 Pre-Release

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