About Us

Welcome to Designer Sound Limited, the primary distribution and order fulfillment service for 2CAudio, Galbanum, and other select partners. Designer Sound is home to some of the world's leading professional audio software and content libraries and has been designed to be your centralized hub to learn about and purchase new tools and content as well as to manage your existing assets such as product updates and serial numbers.

The fundamental pillars of the Designer Sound experience are:

Always Forward

We represent brands that focus their efforts on advancing the state of the art of what is possible within professional audio production. We are futurists at heart and are always in search of the next great thing in professional audio, creative arts, and high performance computing trends. Our brands offer exceptional products which lead the industry in their obsessive commitment to perfection, professionalism and creative and technical excellence. Put simply we deeply admire leaders and pioneers.

Product First

Designer Sound is a support company to help you obtain and manage our partners' products as easily and efficiently as possible so that they are free to focus on what they do best: getting lost deep in the trenches of technical RnD, algorithm development, and product design. Our goal is to make your experience so seamless that it simply disappears and there is nothing standing between you and your enjoyment of our partners' obsessive quest for perfection.

Customers, Clients, Friends!

Our goal at Designer Sound is to turn customers into clients, and clients into friends. We strive to build lasting long-term relationships and deeply value your business. In effort demonstrate our commitment to such relationships we offer various value added services such as:

  • Pack Discounts on product bundles
  • Crossgrade and Upgrade offers on related products
  • Customer Loyalty Points that can be converted to discount vouchers
  • A Customer Referral Program

In simple terms, we do our best to make you happy. We like happy people. Happy people buy more stuff.

And when they buy more stuff, our development partners immediately reinvest these profits into pushing the state of the art of our industry forward one more small step at a time.

Please don't hesitate to contact us if needed. We are always here to help you however we can!


Andrew Souter

Founder & President
Designer Sound Limited