Piscis Rapture Expansion





Lush ambient pads, evolving atmospheres, and novel textures developed for Cakewalk's award winning Rapture synthesizer. Stylistically and thematically Piscis content takes cues from diverse influences. It paints spectral portraits of the unknowable reaches of heaven, meanders into the unresolved tensions of purgatory, and even occasionally descends with trepidation into Dante's ninth circle. It emulates the still and small resonances of Earth's great open expanses, and explores sonic eclecticism inspired by its extreme biological diversity. It invokes through astral projection and remote viewing, visions of the surface of the sun, Saturn's moons, and unknown places even more distant. Galbanum's Piscis Rapture Expansion is a creative tool which communicates big ideas, elicits emotion, and is well suited to be used in epic scoring projects. It empowers sonic symbolism and above all - to paraphrase Zen philosopher Ernest Hemingway - is just that which you want it to be.

Approximate Download Size1 GB
Files250 Presets and 1,402 resource files

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