Legal Notices

Conditions of Use: Short Version

For those of you who don't like to read legalese, we provide the the following simple explanation as an informal guideline: You agree not to give yourself bad Karma (or other similar religio-socio-philisophical constructs) by doing things to our partners that you would not want done to yourself. In other words, our partners work very hard to develop their products. They are a matter of passion for us, and we have poured thousands of hours into each and every one. We ask only modest compensation in exchange for our ideas and manifestations. So please don't steal from us. And please expand upon our ideas, don't just copy them.

Conditions of Use: Long Version

By purchasing our professional products you enter a contractual agreement to abide by our conditions of use. Generally these conditions are defined by the License Agreement for each product. By purchasing a given product, you assert that you have read and agree to the terms set forth in the applicable license agreement. Refer to the License Agreement for the product you have purchased for specifics as this is what you have technically agreed to. For all of our professional products: Unauthorized copying, duplicating, hiring, lending, renting, trading, or reselling our products or any of their contents is strictly forbidden. License agreements for our professional products are Single-User licenses: every user must have his/her own copy. All usage of audio, music, and graphic content of our professional products is granted without condition with one exception, namely we disallow the use of our products to create commercial content libraries which are in direct competition with own. In other words, don't simply render our presets as-is and sell them as a sample/content CD/DVD of your own. Anyone who wishes to use our products in the development of sample/content CD/DVD's may contact us via email for further clarification of this condition.

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