Glacier Breeze Expansion



Walk the line with a rarified Breeze of 200 cinematic, thematic, and ambient presets, created by a modern sound-design legend!

As the son of a composer and visual artist, Simon Stockhausen's musical and artistic DNA is basically san-gréal. Simon's extensive CV as a composer in contemporary classical and modern jazz is too long too list here. His work in German theatre and the world of orchestral performance is equally awe inspiring. His legendary work as a sound-designer is found in the factory banks of many leading companies such as Steinberg, Native Instruments, UVI, and many others. He is the founder of where he develops and distributes content for over 20 different synth, sampler, and effects products. His work is heard all over the globe in major film, TV, and game productions.

Simon comments: "In Glacier Breeze I was striving to manifest the most extreme, most beautiful, most awkward, and above all, the most musically inspiring sounds I could conjure. I threw a myriad of different sources at it and the result was always somehow otherworldly yet strangely organic.  I found Breeze 2 to be intense, huge, lush, and deeply inspiring. From ambient music and experimental soundscapes to effects one wouldn’t expect from an algorithmic reverb, I braved the elements many late nights, witnessed an aurora borealis or two and attempted to chart new creative territory in Breeze.  I included special effects for all kinds of instruments and vocals. Additionally, I also included presets for orchestral processing, general daily-use reverbs, and some drum and percussion processing as I started to integrate Breeze into my contemporary classical composition, scoring and theater templates where I found it to be equally useful."

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