Spatial Creatives Breeze Expansion



The Spacial Creatives Expansion is a bank of hyper-real, imagined and creative spaces for use in all forms of rock, post rock, synth pop, and contemporary electronic music production.

This expansion was created by Andrew Schlesinger of Synthetic Productions. Andrew has designed countless factory presets for legendary hardware device manufacturers including Lexicon, TC Electronics, Yamaha, Sony, Eventide, Roland, Korg, Kurzweil, Emu, Alesis, and Casio among others. His work can be found in a slew of seminal synth and effects products developed over the last 30 years which helped define entire periods of music culture. His highly regarded work has continued to this day via recent collaborations with software leaders including SoundToys, Spectrasonics, and now 2CAudio. Andrew also produces ambient and alternative electronic music under the artist alias "Synsect".

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