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Purchase all 4 Breeze Expansion packs together and get 40% off!

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Purchase all 4 Breeze Expansion packs together and get 40% off!

Breeze is a product that is well known for its ease of use and pristine sound. Breeze is beautifully simple. Even if we have made it incredibly intuitive to do so, you ultimately have more important challenges to deal with than programming an algorithmic reverb. We hear you, and in answer to your requests we offer you the Breeze Expansion Packs.

Pack content

Walk the line with a rarified Breeze of 200 cinematic, thematic, and ambient presets, created by a modern sound-design legend!

As the son of a composer and visual artist, Simon Stockhausen's musical and artistic DNA is basically san-gréal. Simon's extensive CV as a composer in contemporary classical and modern jazz is too long too list here. His work in German theatre and the world of orchestral performance is equally awe inspiring. His legendary work as a sound-designer is found in the factory banks of many leading companies such as Steinberg, Native Instruments, UVI, and many others. He is the founder of where he develops and distributes content for over 20 different synth, sampler, and effects products. His work is heard all over the globe in major film, TV, and game productions.

Simon comments: "In Glacier Breeze I was striving to manifest the most extreme, most beautiful, most awkward, and above all, the most musically inspiring sounds I could conjure. I threw a myriad of different sources at it and the result was always somehow otherworldly yet strangely organic.  I found Breeze 2 to be intense, huge, lush, and deeply inspiring. From ambient music and experimental soundscapes to effects one wouldn’t expect from an algorithmic reverb, I braved the elements many late nights, witnessed an aurora borealis or two and attempted to chart new creative territory in Breeze.  I included special effects for all kinds of instruments and vocals. Additionally, I also included presets for orchestral processing, general daily-use reverbs, and some drum and percussion processing as I started to integrate Breeze into my contemporary classical composition, scoring and theater templates where I found it to be equally useful."

The Simply Better Expansion was created by Andrew Souter, Breeze 2's primary algorithm designer. It was created to coincide with the launch of Breeze 2, and focuses exclusively on using all of the extensive new 2.x features to achieve results that were impossible to achieve with Breeze 1.0. It aims to show just how much diversity Breeze 2 is able to achieve within the area of reasonably conservative daily-needs presets. It offers authentic as well as hyper-real dispersive plates, ultra-dense chambers, slow-building halls, immaculate ambiences, creatively colored spaces for unique spectral effects, and more. It is highly recommended to get the full picture of everything Breeze 2 is capable of, and is suitable for a wide range of music production and scoring needs.

The Spacial Creatives Expansion is a bank of hyper-real, imagined and creative spaces for use in all forms of rock, post rock, synth pop, and contemporary electronic music production.

This expansion was created by Andrew Schlesinger of Synthetic Productions. Andrew has designed countless factory presets for legendary hardware device manufacturers including Lexicon, TC Electronics, Yamaha, Sony, Eventide, Roland, Korg, Kurzweil, Emu, Alesis, and Casio among others. His work can be found in a slew of seminal synth and effects products developed over the last 30 years which helped define entire periods of music culture. His highly regarded work has continued to this day via recent collaborations with software leaders including SoundToys, Spectrasonics, and now 2CAudio. Andrew also produces ambient and alternative electronic music under the artist alias "Synsect".

This expansion provides an entirely rethought and redesigned set of presets that can function like an alternative factory preset bank and reinvigorate Breeze for use as a daily-needs algorithmic verb. It covers awesome ambiences, chill-out chambers, delicious drum spaces, heavenly halls, intricate instrument spaces, plush plates, rockin' rooms, and vigilant vocal spaces.

FilesOver 200 Presets