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Preset Expansions

Expand Your Horizons.

Let's face it, time is money.  Sure, you are probably highly skilled, and quite capable of making your own presets on your own, but with tight deadlines and more important, higher-level creative decisions to make, your time is more valuable.  Having a massive library of meticulously designed presets made by leading sound-designers and engineers is an invaluable asset to today's face-paced, competitive world.

Preset Expansions  There are 15 products.


  • Aether Expansions

    Expand Your Horizons.

    Facing tight deadlines? Prefer to focus on making music instead of moonlighting as a preset scientist? The presets included in these products were made by top engineers and sound-designers around the world and together offer over 750 new presets to use either as-is, or as starting points for further refinement and customization.

  • B2 Expansions

    Limitless Possibilities.

    Are you more of a big-picture person when it comes to music production? Do your strengths lie more in the creative aspects of making music? We have invested huge amounts of time into developing this vast and incredibly diverse collection of over 800 presets so that you can get the most out of B2 without first obtaining a PhD in preset-design.

  • Breeze Expansions

    Simplicity Simplified.

    Breeze is a product that is well known for its ease of use and pristine sound. Breeze is beautifully simple. Even if we have made it incredibly intuitive to do so, you ultimately have more important challenges to deal with than programming an algorithmic reverb. We hear you, and in answer to your requests we offer you the Breeze Expansions.

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Showing 1 - 6 of 15 items
Showing 1 - 6 of 15 items