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Purchase all 4 Aether Expansion packs together and get 40% off!

Pack description

Purchase all 4 Aether Expansion packs together and get 40% off!

Facing tight deadlines? Prefer to focus on making music instead of moonlighting as a preset scientist? The presets included in these products were made by top engineers and sound-designers around the world and together offer over 750 new presets to use either as-is, or as starting points for further refinement and customization.

Pack content

The Aether Creativity Expansion is a collection of 150 new professionally designed presets for Aether. It is designed to further Aether's lead in the FX-reverb category by utilizing Aether's features to achieve cutting edge spatial effects and environments.

Files150 Presets

The Aether Integrity Expansion is designed to go head to head with the biggest names in hardware reverbs, and decisively prove Aether is just as capable of excelling at subtleties, as it is in pushing things to the extreme.

Files150 Aether Presets

The Aether Precision Halls Expansion was created by our good friend Deneb Pinjo and offers over 200 new world-class presets. Den's preset work with Aether and other third party reverb products came to prominence over the past three years in online communities such as Gearslutz and KVR. Over the span of this time, Den diligently and obsessively tweaked and revised these presets and generously offered a myriad of revisions that were highly acclaimed by the community. His passion and effort was universally applauded, and many new users as well as Aether veterans have stated that his work is among the best that has been done for Aether in terms of available presets. This expansion represents his final revision and it has been optimized for Aether 1.6.0 to make use of the new features such as the per-preset oversampling and modulation options. 

Files200 Presets

The Aether Small Sublime Expansion focusses on chamber, plate, ambience, room, and other miscellaneous emulations.

Files200 Presets