Loyalty Points

Customers, Clients, Friends!

Our goal at Designer Sound is to turn customers into clients, and clients into friends. We strive to build lasting long-term relationships and deeply value your business. In effort demonstrate our commitment to such relationships we offer various value added services such as:

  • Pack Discounts on product bundles
  • Crossgrade and Upgrade offers on related products
  • Customer Loyalty Points that can be converted to discount vouchers
  • A Customer Referral Program

In simple terms, we do our best to make you happy. We like happy people. Happy people buy more stuff.

And when they buy more stuff, our development partners immediately reinvest these profits into pushing the state of the art of our industry forward one more small step at a time.

Loyalty Points

As explained above we understand value of repeat business.  Another way we show our appreciation for the opportunity to earn your business and develop a long term relationship with you, is to reward customers who return to us again and again over the years.  We do this with our Loyalty Points system.

For every $1.00 you spend at Designer Sound, you get 10% back in the form of Loyalty Points which can be converted the a Coupon Voucher and used for purchases the same as cash.  This is effectively a 10% discount for the entire store that is always on, even during other special promotions.  Customer who purchase 2CAudio's Perfect Storm Pack for example, instantly receive $50 in Loyalty Points that they can spend immediately or keep to use for a later purchase.  You can check your current Loyalty Points balance in the "My Loyalty Points" section of the "My Account" area of our store.

Over time Loyalty Points can really add up to significant savings for our clients and friends!