Referral Program

Customers, Clients, Friends!

Our goal at Designer Sound is to turn customers into clients, and clients into friends. We strive to build lasting long-term relationships and deeply value your business. In effort demonstrate our commitment to such relationships we offer various value added services such as:

  • Pack Discounts on product bundles
  • Crossgrade and Upgrade offers on related products
  • Customer Loyalty Points that can be converted to discount vouchers
  • A Customer Referral Program

In simple terms, we do our best to make you happy. We like happy people. Happy people buy more stuff.

And when they buy more stuff, our development partners immediately reinvest these profits into pushing the state of the art of our industry forward one more small step at a time.

Referral Program: Earn up to $500!

Customers who are sincerely excited about our products are our most effective form of advertisement.  Galbanum and 2CAudio were built naturally via these word-of-mouth, grass-roots, guerrilla marketing methods long before we could afford magazine or web advertising.  If you give people something they love that you are sincerely passionate about yourself, they naturally just want to share it, and there is no need to give them any other incentive.  We found that some people really take this to the next level however, and become "product ambassadors" of sorts who go way above and beyond to help educate many other users.  We wanted to give something back to such clients.

The Referral Program allows passionate users and aspiring "product ambassadors" to earn $20 in Loyalty Points for every new customer they help bring to the family. We allow "Sponsor" clients to earn up to $500 in Reward Points in this manner, by referring up to 25 friends at whatever pace they would like!  The system works like this:

  1. The Sponsor must have purchased at least one product from us.
  2. The Sponsor enters the name and email of the friend he would like to refer in "My Referrals" found in "My Account".
  3. The Friend is automatically notified by us that he has been referred by the Sponsor.
  4. The Friend creates an account at Designer Sound, and is himself given a $20 voucher as a welcome gift.
  5. The Friend makes his first purchase, and identifies the Sponsor as the person who referred him by entering his email in the Sponsor field on the checkout page.
  6. The Sponsor receives a $20 in Loyalty Points that he can immediately convert to a Voucher or save for later use while he acquires more Loyalty Points.
  7. Optionally, but highly recommended, the Friend buys the Sponsor a beer to thank him for sharing and getting him a welcome gift.
  8. Everybody wins.

This is a new experimental program that we are just starting and hope will everyone will love!