Customers, Clients, Friends!

Our goal at Designer Sound is to turn customers into clients, and clients into friends. We strive to build lasting long-term relationships and deeply value your business. In effort demonstrate our commitment to such relationships we offer various value added services such as:

  • Pack Discounts on product bundles
  • Crossgrade and Upgrade offers on related products
  • Customer Loyalty Points that can be converted to discount vouchers
  • A Customer Referral Program

In simple terms, we do our best to make you happy. We like happy people. Happy people buy more stuff.

And when they buy more stuff, our development partners immediately reinvest these profits into pushing the state of the art of our industry forward one more small step at a time.


Packs are simply a group of products that are the bundled together and offered at a special group discount. Designer Sound makes extensive use of Packs to help save you money and get the most out of our partners' products.  Packs include things like Galbanum Sample Line products where customers can obtain all formats of a particular product for a substantially reduced price, or 2CAudio packs where we offer a given plugin together with all of it's associated Preset Expansions.  We also offer more extensive mega Packs such as 2CAudio's Perfect Storm Pack.

Packs appear in your shopping cart as a single item, with their contents enumerated for your convenience.

Packs appear in the My Downloads section of the My Account section of our site as the individual items that they comprise.  This way when new updates become available for one of the products in the pack,  you have quick and immediate access to the latest versions of all products in the pack via My Downloads and can re-download only the needed product update.  You will never misplace your Serial Numbers for each product either as they are recorded and displayed in the same area for your convenience.

During occasional special promotions, packs are even further discounted just like regular products.