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2CAudio was formed in 2008 as a partnership between Andrew Souter and Denis Malygin to develop audio signal processing software plug-ins focussing on spatialization, advanced creative effects, and other future-forward ideas.

Since then it has gone on to win major industry awards, and has occupied the majority of Andrew's time for the past several years. It agruably offers the best reverbs on the planet amoung other things. We call it a sister company of Galbanum. Galbanum is effectively a content creation and services company. 2CAudio is an independent software company. There are many synergies between the two, as will become even more clear very soon, and Andrew's DNA permeates them both, but the primary distinction is Galbanum makes content and 2CAudio makes software. Galbanum is like Pixar, whereas 2CAudio is like Apple, metaphorically speaking of course.

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Showing 1 - 6 of 25 items